The production of metal components includes various types of pieces and work processes.
These range from the pieces being perforated and folded to those that are embossed and assembled with other components.
Other finishing processes include electroplating and galvanizing.

The product control of molds, their amendments and periodic reviews carried out by us, guarantee the product over time.

Ponti A. srl. is therefore able to ensure the production of millions of copies, secure and fast delivery, reliability and consistency of production.

Cases for Coils

Cases for coils of size and thickness according to customer requirements with built-in thread intended for the electromechanical market



Cases for coils - TYPE A07 - A08 - B22

Precision Bushings

Size , thickness and diameter according to customer requirements . Aimed at the mechanical and electromechanical market

Burner for boilers


Hooks for shelves

Examples of special blanks

with progressive dies.

Details to assemble

for coil type A 04

Fittings and conveyors

Hose clamps


Internal components of halogen lights


Components for all kinds of filters

Brackets for lighting equipment

industrial, sports and traffic


with assembled tip

High quality Washers

spring washers, flat washers, tooth washers, corrugated and convex washers, conical washers, contact washers and conical safety washers

Heat Exchanger

Various elements


Founded as a dies production company, Ponti A can provide you with all his forty years experience , from the design, through the production to the maintenance with highly qualified personnel.

Our dies for ferrous and non ferrous materials, of small and medium size, are of the highest quality and manufactured using the best materials on the market. Cutting edge numerical control machineries are used to create the dies, ensuring a high standard of quality.

The assembly is followed by our technicians and operated with the support of highly specialized personnel.

The dies we produce are intended to be used in various fields , from the agricultural to the industrial.

Mechanical dies


The company has its own specialized equipment for the production of precision molds of various sizes and dimensions.

The equipment and manufacturing department is equipped with tooling machines for wire EDM "Sodick", as well as CNC machines for the working of molds, micro-drilling, boring, milling machines, grinding machines and lathes.



The new assembly department was integrated in order to have internal control over the entire production cycle, satisfying the customer's needs in the best possible way.



Tuv Iso9001 certificationOur company is certified in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and is therefore equipped with a structure and organization of the highest quality.

As part of our service to the client we examine the clients prototypes and models and consecutively our Technical Department designs a complete documentation set using CAD/CAM systems.

The manufacturing department manufactures the molds and deals with any subsequent revisions and maintenance requirements continually maintaining quality and precision.

Quality check